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Rollin’ into 2024….It's Time to Take TOTAL Control of Your Health…NOT Some…But TOTAL

Rollin’ into 2024….my message as a nurse is to take TOTAL control of your health. I think I start every new year with this message and here it is again.

Do not rely on anyone, especially medical personnel, to know what is best for your body. Yes, I know I'm a nurse and this message goes for me too. The medical profession is a scary place nowadays. Know what your body needs and plan accordingly. Also, have a friend or family member to know your needs and/or medical plan. I’m only talking your daily needs….those things you perform on a daily basis to survive. Include any medications with dosages and frequency included too.

Recently a friend of mine, who is a quadriplegic, was hospitalized. He was ready to self-cath, so he asked his nurse to get him a catheter. That nurse responded with, "I'm sorry but I will need to obtain a doctor's order." What?? That personal, daily need, information should have been obtained upon admission. As spinal cord-injured folks, we need to pee and poop, and the staff should be fully aware of how it needs to be done. And he was telling me, during his long wait, that Autonomic Dysreflexia (AD) symptoms were starting to rear its ugly head. We should never experience symptoms of AD due to a medical issue, within our control, while being hospitalized.

As we all roll into 2024, make it your New Year’s resolution to have your medical plan and needs written in a safe place and make all of it known to a friend or relative.

As many of us know, the hospital/ED/ or wherever you may find yourself is not up to date and/or knowledgeable of the care for spinal cord-injured individuals. Let’s make their jobs easier for them and us and take your care plan with you.

Here's to a happy and healthy new year for all.

It’s all good, so keep on rollin.

Patty, BSN, RN

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